Refund Policy

Our order return, order cancellation, and order exchange refund policies are subject to change as needed. To inform our present users of our policy change, we might send out a newsletter. However, we are not responsible if we fail to let you know of a change in our policy. We sincerely request that all users read our return policy’s terms and conditions before making a transaction.

Our refunds policy is followed for all product exchanges, cancellations, and returns. If you agree to use our website or place a purchase, it will be deemed that you have read, accepted, and will abide by the conditions of our return policy. If you disagree with our refund policies, we encourage you to refrain from conducting any transactions on our site.

We work hard to make the user experience as simple and hassle-free as possible when returning, cancelling, or exchanging products.


Our entire team of professionals makes sure that our products are packaged and delivered in a safe and secure manner. Our team makes sure that your order reaches its destination promptly and undamaged. On sometimes, orders may be forgotten, lost, improperly handled, or damaged while being delivered or being transported. In such cases, you can get in touch with our support team and ask for a refund.

You are entitled to a refund if the products you purchased are defective, out-of-date, missing, or inadequate. We occasionally split large purchases into smaller shipments and ship them with a gap of 5 to 7 working days to avoid customs issues. If you have only received a portion of your order, please get in touch with our support team to learn the status of the remaining portion of your order.

You are only qualified for a refund if the shipment is delayed for more than thirty days. If your country has strict covid-19 shipping laws and the order is delayed for longer than 90 days, you may ask for a refund.

You may start the return procedure only seven days after receiving the order. After seven days, we have the right to deny any refund requests.

Our team will start processing your refund after assessing and confirming the legitimacy of your return. Any request for a refund or reship may be cancelled if there is an unjustified and baseless complaint about the products’ quality. We reserve the right to file a lawsuit or permanently suspend your account in such cases.

You may count on our team to work hard to solve your difficulties as soon as possible. We suggest that you maintain a tight eye on all of your receipts and invoices. This will make it easier for our team to respond to your question immediately.

There is no refund in the following circumstances:

  • If you accidentally ordered the wrong product or products,
  • You are returning the products if your doctor or pharmacist changed your prescription and you
  • If you have only utilized a portion of the item
  • If the product’s seal or strip has been broken,
  • If the batch number of the goods you received does not match the products you purchased
  • If the invoice, barcode, and price tag for the merchandise are not present
  • If you supplied a different address by accident
  • If the products were received on your behalf by someone else or if you were not there when the order was delivered


Your shipment may be impacted by a variety of factors, including limitations imposed by the destination country, delays at customs, COVID-19 restrictions, etc.

If your delivery is taking longer than expected, you can check the status of your delivery by clicking the tracking link that was supplied to your email. Contact our support team if you can’t locate any information, and we’ll assist you to track your delivery status by getting in touch with our delivery partners. If the order has not arrived, we will organize a free reshipment for you.

When ordering the product, double-check that the shipping address is correct and complete. Orders placed with incorrect addresses will not qualify for a refund or reshipment.


The amount being reimbursed will be deducted from the same account that processed the initial transaction. For instance, if you purchased the item using a credit card, your refund will be processed through the bank that is associated with your credit card.

Most likely, within 7 to 10 business days, the refund amount will be credited to your account. After we process it on our end, your bank will decide how soon to post the money to your account. We apologise for any trouble that time may have caused.