Shipping Policy

All orders placed on our website and delivered through it are subject to our current shipping policy. It will be assumed that you have read our shipping policies before placing an order if you do so through our website. Our policies may occasionally change, and we’ll send registered users an email to let them know. You can also check our most recent changes by clicking the “shipping policy” link on our website. Please read our shipping policy statement to learn more about our delivery, refund Policy , and reshipment procedures.
Our shipping policy prioritizes the use of the quickest shipping techniques and timely delivery of items. To reduce transportation damages and increase customer satisfaction, we adhere to strict quality controls and make sure that all products are packaged with the best materials available.


We typically offer free express shipping to all of our covered locations, but occasionally we may need to use conventional shipping practices due to the availability of our delivery partners.

Express delivery offers a quicker shipping option, with an expected arrival time of 7 to 12 working days. With normal delivery, you could receive the products in 10 to 18 working days.

For inhabitants of nations including the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and Europe, free express delivery is typically offered, with delivery times estimated to be between 7 and 12 working days. The remaining nations will continue to get their packages within 12 to 15 working days.


Customers who receive flawed or incorrect goods are eligible for reshipment. Customers must contact our team and request a reshipment within seven days of receiving the merchandise, though. They can do that by calling, sending an email, or visiting the website. Once our team confirms it, they can anticipate the reshipment or reimbursement.

Please read our refund policy or get in touch with our customer service team to learn more.


We try our best to offer services in every nation on the planet. However, some of the areas on our list of unserviceable zones may not receive our delivery services. This includes regions where we are not permitted by law to transport goods or where our logistical partners are not present. Customers can check whether their area is included in our service area list by entering their pin code.


You must supply basic details like their name, billing address, shipping address, landmarks, and other pertinent information to complete an order placing. You must confirm and confirm again that all of the information you supply is still correct and valid. It aids in pinpointing your precise delivery location for our delivery partner. Remember that clients cannot request a reshipment or refund if they submit erroneous addresses. Additionally, in cases of incorrect or incomplete addresses, we are not responsible if you didn’t receive the products or if delivery was delayed.


Within the anticipated delivery window, our delivery partners will make an effort to deliver your package to the address you provided. Ensure that you get the package the first time. We reserve the right to cancel the delivery if you repeatedly fail to accept it. When processing refunds or reshipments in such cases, we may assess additional shipping or delivery fees.

Make sure the delivery is made to the individual whose name is on the goods.


Once an order has been placed successfully, we will process it and mail it, generally within 24 hours. Your email address will receive a link to the order tracking page. Use the link to find out your order’s current location or status as well as the anticipated delivery date. If you click the order tracking link for express delivery, you could not see the order or see a notice that says “pre-shipment” or “order tracking details not found.” This occurs when the order is on its way but hasn’t arrived in the country you specified. You can get in touch with our service staff if you have questions. To make sure your delivery arrives at your address by the scheduled time, we will get in touch with our logistical partners.


If your orders total at least $150, we’ll send them all for free using expedited shipping. Orders under $150 may be subject to a delivery fee based on your region, the payment method you use, the products you order, etc.

Orders over $150 are eligible for free reshipping, but those less than that amount will have to pay an additional shipping fee. We can, however, make an exception in certain situations, such as when the product is harmed, flawed, wrong, out-of-date, or incomplete during transit or before delivery. In such circumstances, you are entitled to a refund following the necessary proof on our end.


To confirm the time for picking up the merchandise, they will get in touch with you. Our cancellation, return, and refund policies are followed for all exchanges, reshipments, and returns. Please check our webpage for refunds and cancellations.