Terms & Conditions


Orders can be placed with us without first creating an account. However, setting up an account allows you a convenient buying experience. Customers are permitted to use the website for personal reasons as long as they comply with the terms of service.

Customers can print or download the information from the website as long as it is not altered without express written permission.

If you meet the following requirements, you may use the website: You are at least 18 years old; You accept binding contracts; You are responsible for providing true and accurate information when registering with us; You are not using the website in an impersonation capacity.


Any information given by a visitor or posted by them will be made available or disclosed for other purposes. However, we NEVER divulge your information to websites or companies operated by other parties.

Before publishing any information, customers are urged to obtain written authorization. Posting offensive or defamatory content is a violation of our terms of service that we do not tolerate. Customers and visitors are urged to report any content that could contain a virus and endanger the program data.


Professionals with more extensive experience make up our technical staff. The team makes sure the website functions flawlessly across all platforms, including PCs, laptops, mobile devices, etc. Nevertheless, a shutdown that affects how the website works could occur as a result of technical issues. We won’t be held accountable for the transient problem. However, our team will fix the issue immediately.

When a website outage is caused by routine maintenance, we frequently let our clients know. However, we won’t be required to let customers know in advance.

Links from Third Parties Users of our website may come across links from third parties. We want to be clear that we do not endorse these links and will not be held liable for any harm you may experience when visiting other websites.

Any third party intending to connect to our website should be aware that unless there is a specific agreement, doing so will not engage us in any type of partnered marketing.

The relationship between third parties and us or other websites linked to us should not be implied. Additionally, third-party websites shouldn’t ever host inflammatory or divisive material. Third parties should be responsible for paying for any damages brought on by such linkage.


All items are based on availability. If the item you want to purchase is out of stock, we will let you know when it will be back in stock. At any time, we have the right to refuse the order. Additionally, any automatically generated acknowledgment of your order that is related to it will not signal that we have approved your order request. When we ship out your order and email you with the essential details, including a tracking number and product specifications, our partnership with you is established.

All orders being transported outside the United States may have delays because of local customs procedures. We don’t take responsibility for delays brought on by customs processing.

Prices The buyer and the vendor have agreed on the prices of the pharmaceuticals listed on the website. The prices must be included in the sellers’ pricing lists if the agreement is absent or not present.

The vendor is free to remove any discounts and change the current prices. A medicine’s cost could also go up suddenly and without warning. The cost does not include taxes, if any. When purchasing medications, the customer could be required to give the vendor pays for the tax.


Payment methods include bank transfers, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and Bitcoin in addition to credit and debit cards.